Commercial lighting is about to open the trip of led lighting

From the LED lighting products price trends, with the development of the LED chip technology, excess capacity, state subsidies to promote, market competition factors, LED lighting products price reduced year by year. A marketing person in Chinese-government-owned tells our reporter, now, many manufacturers selling civil LED lights, usually a quarter will cut prices at a time, each time the extent of pricing in 3% to 5%.Lower the prices is good to popularize the use of products, but also should avoid to give up the quality of the product or market chaos.

LED Market current situation and prospect

China's recent major push LED billboards, street lamps, lighting, and other various applications, driving LED business opportunities to accelerate floating on the table.The national development and reform commission also officially launched China to phase out incandescent light bulb, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps action group plan-making project, let the LED lighting application more popularization.Promote the use of energy-saving lamps, for saving energy and reducing consumption has great significance.In view of the target customer base is the general consumers.So, lets analyze the energy-saving lamps service condition and how much for the customer know it.