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LED Market current situation and prospect

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China's recent major push LED billboards, street lamps, lighting, and other various applications, driving LED business opportunities to accelerate floating on the table.The national development and reform commission also officially launched China to phase out incandescent light bulb, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps action group plan-making project, let the LED lighting application more popularization.Promote the use of energy-saving lamps, for saving energy and reducing consumption has great significance.In view of the target customer base is the general consumers.So, lets analyze the energy-saving lamps service condition  and how much for the customer know it.

According to a survey, most respondents hope to vigorously promote energy-saving lamps, and have strong faith in the popularization of it, reflects the strong thrift consciousness and environmental awareness.With 85% of respondents are using or considering using energy-saving lamps, of which 52% of urban households energy-saving light utilization rate has exceeded fifty percent.However, there are 15% of the respondents still have no consideration in using energy-saving lamps, there are quite a number of urban households is given priority to with using incandescent lamp.Combined with the results of the investigation, the reporter interviewed the relevant departments expert again, carried on the thorough analysis about the present situation of energy-saving lamps use.

Investigation and analysis shows that hinder the popularization of energy-saving lamps, one of the main reasons for the popularity is that some consumers lack of a better understanding of the energy-saving lamps.The data shows, although our country is the argest producer of energy-saving lamps of the world, energy-saving lamps production reached 1.76 billion pieces in 2005, accounting for about 90% of the total world output, but peoples understanding of energy-saving lamps degree is low.There is evidence that in investigation,the reason of energy-saving light utilization rate is low because of respondents "don't know this kind of products," some people confuse energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp together.Price is another important reason.32.1% of respondents thought that the price of energy-saving lamp is too high.

In the investigation, many people actively to promote energy-saving lamps to come up with new ideas.44.2% of respondents to energy-saving lamps are proposed their promotion,of which 18.8% hope that we can intensify promotion of energy-saving lamps.83% of respondents believe that it should be forced to promote the use of energy-saving lamps in public lighting.They say, "energy conservation is imperative, it should be limited the development of non energy-saving lamps at the policy level, "In the public places where has big power consumption should be widely used and even forced application".Some respondents also proposed to formulate "national mandatory standards", "unified luminance efficiency standards", etc., let the consumer can rest assured to buy energy-saving products.