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Commercial lighting is about to open the trip of led lighting

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Commercial lighting is about to open the trip of led lighting

From the LED lighting products price trends, with the development of the LED chip technology, excess capacity, state subsidies to promote, market competition factors, LED lighting products price reduced year by year. A marketing person in Chinese-government-owned tells our reporter, now, many manufacturers selling civil LED lights, usually a quarter will cut prices at a time, each time the extent of pricing in 3% to 5%.Lower the prices is good to popularize the use of products, but also should avoid to give up the quality of the product or market chaos.

Although public facilities lighting market generally held by fund strength large lighting enterprise, but the commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting has a broad market needs small and medium class LED lighting company to develop.At present, some large commercial lighting, such as ikea, wal-mart has open LED lighting transformation journey, believe in the transformation under the influence of data and practice prove that commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting such as energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection trip is about to open.

Around the LED lighting market gradually open, Many region also launched policy to encourage enterprises to transform the public street lamp lighting, lighting in public places and the government office building lighting.To promote the popularization of LED lighting in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.